Will hen take chicks back that are late hatchers.


7 Years
Dec 30, 2012
I have a hen who sat on a clutch of eggs. One hatched out a couple of days ago. This morning she was off the nest. I checked the eggs and they were cold. I rescued one that was half hatched, warmed it up and put it back under her because she went back to the nest. The chick had to be rescued again, so I went through all the eggs, found another survivor and have the 2 warming up and drying out. I moved the hen and the one chick to the coop. My question is this: After the two I have in the house are warm, dry and strong (probably tomorrow) will she take them? Should I just put the heat lamp on in the coop and put them in there at night? I raised two batches of orphans already this year, so I don't want to start again when I have a hen taking care of one already.
I would take baby inside to brood and the new hatchers so they get used to each other and eat, then at night, but them back with mom but not in the big coop with every one, babies can get hurt by other hens.

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