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    So, one of my chickens was injured in a dog attack and I have one that isn't injured (and was, when I had 3, at the top of the pecking order. Anyway, my injured pullet only had one puncture wound on the top of her head and it healed rather quickly. The dogs must have just bit her head but there were no open wounds on her face but both eyes were obviously bothering her and feathers on her face were gone. So, about a week and a half after the attack we noticed a new wound on her face by her eye and it got worse the next day. So, we've decided our other pullet was pecking at her face even though there was no wound. Why would she do this? Also, I read on here that once they start doing that, they will do it to the death. Is this true? I've separated them until the hurt one is better, but will she keep doing it when I return her to the coop?
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    I'd separate the attacker until the injured one is again healed. Then you can put them back together for a bit and see how it goes. If the attack repeats, separate them again. I had to do this once and after about 3 tries, my meanie had mended her ways and was able to stay out of chicken jail for good.
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    Chicken jail. More info...

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