Will it harm my hen to be broody? Will she starve or die of dehydration?!

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    I have a silly little silkie mix named Lucy. I think she has laid about 2 eggs in her whole life. She went broody a few weeks back and we have been kicking her out numerous times a day to get her to eat and forage. My husband threw the plasitc Easter eggs and golf balls in a deep and empty pot out in the yard and she found them and went back to work trying to hatch them. I am not worried about her egg production but will she every just snap out of it? Will she die if we don't mess with her and throw her out to eat and drink?!
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    A broody hen eats little and they usually lose around 30% of their body weight during a normal broody cycle. I think with your hen having been broody so long it would be better if you "break" her. Put her in a wire cage with only food and water (no nesting materials) for a few days. The reason this method works is because a broody hen's body temperature goes up. And when she's in the cage it's very difficult for her to maintain that temperature, so after an average of 3 days she'll give up.
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    X2, Good post.

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