Will it survive?? Baby chick needs help


Apr 18, 2021
So not long ago, when the chick was recently born, i took him from his mother and placed him with another hen that was also hatching chicks so that it could stay in place since with the other hen it would fall off the nest because it didn’t have anything to stop it from falling. So anyways, long story short, i took the chick from mama and placed it with another hen and then a few hours later when i went to check on it, the chick was full of blood on one side of its face. It turns out the hen had been poking at it. Its eye was closed and it seemed like it wasn’t gonna open anymore. I kept putting neosporin on it until it healed and its eye opened again. But then i think the other little chicks were poking him because then his eye closed up again…. But this time it looks like the skin formed around the eye and i think its gonna die because of it. Here are some pictures. Please let me know if it will make it!!


Oct 17, 2020
Northern MN
What are you feeding them? Chicks should be on a chick starter. They will heal faster with proper nutrition.

There may be some scarring, but I don't think it will die from the injury.

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