Will LGD help fight against my own dogs?


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Feb 3, 2020
I have a old boxer and a young american bulldog. They are inside dogs but if we are away from home for more than a couple hours we leave them outside. The boxer is a hunter and really dislikes females of all ANIMAL species, she is extremely gentle with humans. She is teaching the bulldog things and I don't like it.

She has killed close to 75 chickens over 18 months, however, I'm determined to have a flock. She is sporadic--one day she will lay with them like they are all buddies and the next there will be 7 carcasses about the yard. We do have actual predators that she will kill and leave on our porch, most recently a fox. So she's bitter sweet... Last week I had 6 chickens and a rooster disappear with only some chunks of feathers to tell their fate. No carcasses.

I told you all that to ask this one question...I'm curious if a LGD would protect my flock from both predators....my family dogs that occasionally attack and the more menacing ones slinking around in the dark...


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Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
Take your advice from people that have been successful for starters. The LGD would take better than a year to come into service and cost a lot. Plus you may have to promote dog interactions that could result in serious injury or death of dog(s). My male dog about 4 years ago killed 36 near adult chickens in one day, plus others before and after. He was the last dog I had such troubles with as I learned from the experience. He is now a very good dog around chickens.

Tell us more about how you contain chickens and dogs. The boxer is board and may not be doing best job of keeping predators away even though killing some. Also two dogs out at same time may need to be revisited until everyone knows roles you want them to play.

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