Will male 'scovy ducklings grow faster ** Updated with Pic


11 Years
Jan 22, 2009
we went out to let our horde of ducklings out this morning... and we were shocked to see that overnite:

1. they feathered! wowza - tons of white came out over nite
2. some of them are REALLY big comparatively

they are a little over a month old - at this age will the males be outpacing the females? is this how i can tell the males from females without vent sexing them (which i dont know how, nor will i try!).

here's the insane duck posse and their momma... she's quite a gal!

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Yes, they do change dramatically overnight it seems
and yeah froom what I have heard the scovy males are generally much bigger than the females
good luck with your flock
They do begin to outgrow them about 4-6 weeks in. The differences are subtle at first but with time they'll be more pronounced.
thanks! we were WOW'd when we saw them... then noticed some were really big!

i know that at 4 months or so the diff will be more notable but didnt know if we'd see it this early

they are so cute! but golly.... 22 ducklings!?!?!! thats an armada!
I have noticed a difference alot quicker than 4 mths! Mine will be 4 weeks old on Saturday and this is a pic of the difference between my hens and drakes. Also like you I was surprised it seemed like they grew drastically overnight!

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WOW. I have NEVER seen such a dramatic difference in two ducklings as that picture...did they hatch the same time?

I'm not sure if they hatched the same day, but they are both from my hens and I put them in the incubator the same day but form that hatch some hatched in the evening and some not until the next morning. The pic does exaggerate the difference a little because the hen is laying down and the drake is standing but it is a drastic difference. And it isn't just these two, the whole clutch is that different. My drake is huge though, I weighed him the other day and he is almost 18lbs. I don't know if that makes a difference.

I was shocked too, in the past I have always had to wait much longer to sex them by their size difference. I think it has something to do with the parents. This is my first babies from them. I expect more in a few weeks and I will definately be watching for huge size differentials.
What muscovy said.

Yes, the drakelets become noticeably larger (though apparently not in all cases?) even by three weeks.....................

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