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Will mama hen take care of pasty butt or do I need to?

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by joannefiddler, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Hi All,
    Have 6 day old broody hatched chicks. I noticed this morning when they started parading around that one of the golden laced cochin chicks has pasty butt. I picked her up and was able to break a piece of it off, but not the entire blob. I've read that mama hens (Mama is also golden laced cochin) will take care of if, but wanted your opinion. Should I just watch them for the rest of the day, and intervene this evening if it's still a problem or is it something I need to deal with right away. It's pretty cool outside, so I'd have to remove the chick to the house to do anything, which might upset mama. Thanks!
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  2. iwiw60

    iwiw60 Crowing

    Jan 27, 2014
    Central Oregon
    Since your broody is allowing you to pick up that chick, the next time you do have a warm bowl of water and some cotton balls with you. Carefully and gently clean that poor chick's butt up. Put ACV in their waterer and watch closely...best of luck!
  3. casportpony

    casportpony Team Tube Feeding Captain & Poop Inspector General Premium Member Project Manager

    Jun 24, 2012
    My Coop
    You need to get the blob off ASAP!

  4. Do not leave the butt wet if it is cold where you are. Good luck!
  5. Thanks All! Well, here's what I did...I have a pair of tweezers that are shaped kind of like a pair of scissors...My friend was able to hold the chick upside down and I was able to pinch the dried poo so that it crumbled. I kept doing that until all the big chunks were broken up. Then with my fingers I was able to free up the smaller pieces. I didn't want to get the chick wet because I would have had to keep him inside to dry and warm up before going back out to Mama. I guess I'll just keep an eye out for any other buildup. Thanks again for taking the time to comment![​IMG]
  6. Ol Grey Mare

    Ol Grey Mare One egg shy of a full carton. ..... Premium Member

    Mar 9, 2014
    My Coop
    FWIW - you can use warm water to clean a pasty bum and not take the chick inside to dry. You don't get the whole chick wet and he/she can and will be kept warm while drying by the mother hen. I have cleaned pasty bums of chicks being raised by a broody and not once had to remove the chick to dry it or lost a chick that has been returned to it's mother post-wiping....this includes the chicks in my coop now who are two weeks old and had one pasty butt that required cleaning a couple of days ago.

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