Will my broody bantams fight when eggs hatch?


May 23, 2015
As an experiment, I put four fertilized bantam eggs under my broody bantam. She took to them well and has been sitting on them. A few days ago, my other bantam decided she'd like to be a mom too, and she's been sitting with the OG Momma. They're sitting on the eggs together, sometimes one has them, sometimes the other. Sometimes they just sit right on top of each other. I've just been letting this happen...this is my first time trying to hatch eggs the old fashioned way, and I take a pretty lassez faire approach.

I'm wondering if I've made a mistake in letting both hens play mom. Will they fight over the eggs/chicks? Could this cause problems with the hatch? Should I try to break one of them of their broodiness? We're mere days out from the hatch date...help!

Thank you!!


10 Years
Nov 20, 2009
untill recently i have had silkeys , and your situation, . one mom will take some and the other , the rest, my silky roo even helped with chicks, youll be fine, doont worrie, they will figure it out,

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