Will my chick grow up with a black comb?

Dec 17, 2017
North Carolina
hello everyone,
I have this little chick that I hatched from my chickens the parents are Andalusian and Barred Rock all their chicks have regular chick combs except for this one solid black one it has a black comb! Is that ok when it grows up will it turn red or stay black? Here's a pic of her
My BSL pullet chicks (EE x Dom or PBR) often have black combs, while the males have red combs. By the time they have reached POL, the black is much reduced: the extra comb growth comes in red, so the comb has diffuse black mottling. By the time the following spring rolls around, the entire comb is red.

It'll turn red.

It will be red, with some black in it.
thanks so much!!!

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