Will my chicken catch a disease from me?

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    Aug 4, 2012
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    Hello, some of my ISA Browns have died lately. Because of worms, the flu ... Also one of my Colombian Wyandottes Bliss, she died not long ago, and it was winter time, so she could have caught a cold or something. Okay, let me get to the real part, I was wondering if these deaths could have been cause if me being sick? Like, they caught a disease from me?
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    No. Don't worry about that.

    However, chickens don't get colds, they get diseases. Here you go:
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    Chickens aren't gonna catch what makes you sick, but chicken can make you sick, and you can bring in diseases that are on you, or your shoes. They have their own versions of our colds and flu, in that there are strains of viri to which chickens are susceptible that are different from those that we are. There's also some bacteria and protozoa that are serious threats to them, and to us.

    SoOo ... wash up, both before *and* after each visit to your birds.

    If you've had some die from worms, then the rest almost certainly have worms, and should be treated. And, once they've all been treated, they'll eventually have worms again ...

    Swiped from the pages of Merck's Veterinary Manual

    ... as you can see? The life cycle of many worms that chickens get includes intermediate hosts, or insect in which the worms' eggs hatch and grow, 'til the chicken eats 'em, where they continue to grow, and lay very many more eggs (some about a million of 'em, in their lifetimes ~'-)

    Another internal parasite is coccidia, to which birds can succumb to very quickly, if untreated. There's also external parasites that can weaken, or even kill, your birds. And, just like the worms, mites and lice are something you'll always have to be watchful for, and wanna get rid of before they can do any real harm.

    Losing birds comes along w/ keepin' your birds, but keepin' everyone (people included) healthy/happy requires learnin' about these things, so you can be ready/able to handle 'em when they come up (otherwise, you'll lose much higher percentages of your flock )-;~
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    No they can't. The virus causing you to be sick is a completely different strain than the virus that would make chickens sick.

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