Will my Chicken Survive eating this?!


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10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
Fort Wayne
My hen just ate the plastic string from my daughter's toy pom-pom.
It was about 18" long, 1/4" wide, thin plastic tape-like.

Can a chicken gut survive that? Will it get all wound up and kill her?

Ugh. I'm prepared for death.
It could clog things up, but it's not a definite. Just keep an eye on her crop over the next few days.
if you are worried give him some bread soaked in Olive oil...should help!! but keep an eye on your chicken :) mine are notorious for finding very strings and eating them...lol....
Not sure if it's the same with chickens, but I remember my mother always saying that when our dog swallowed string - or more commonly, the silver tinsel from the Christmas tree! - if we saw it dangling from his behind, we should CUT it, not pull it out!

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