Will my chickens be okay?


9 Years
Aug 1, 2010
Mount Vernon, WA
i have 2 chickens right now, one EE cockeral and another bantam/standard mixed pullet.. they are all closed up in there coop, with NO air coming in (except small ventilation) Its suppost to go down to 13 degrees F tonight! Will they be okay?!
I have 2 SLW hens and they were ok when it got to 14 degrees F here in east Texas a few weeks ago. My coop is open on 3 sides a foot from the ground and they were fine.
Do you have a heat lamp you could put out there? If not, one thing you could do is fill up several 2-liter bottles with hot water. It'll help give them some warmth, but will only work for so long.
I live a few minutes south of you... and you're not kidding it's cold! It's been snowing here all day. My poor hens haven't been able to eat any grass for almost a week because of this stinkin' snow!
I know right!! i was suppost to get chicks this weekend
I would be afraid to put heat lamps in the coop. I've heard too many horror stories on here. I have also read that most chickens handle cold pretty well. Frostbitten seems to be the big issue. We are having the opposite problem here. I noticed my BO roo panting like crazy today. It is the heat that really worries me.

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