Will my chickens try to meet the neighbors chickens?

mommy of two

6 Years
Apr 5, 2013
Our neighbors have a flock of chickens and a rooster right across the street but they never let them out of their coop and run. Our chicken coop and theirs are about 75 yards appart, we plan on letting our flock free range does any one know if they will try to go over to the other flock? What if we have a rooster too? They are a little over a month old now and our chickens don't roam very far from the coop so I am hoping they don't try to visit the neighbors flock!


7 Years
Dec 25, 2012
Big Bend of the Tennessee River's Right Bank.
If only you have a free ranging rooster it is natural for that rooster to check out the good looking chicks across the street. if your neighbor has a rooster and you don't but your hens are free ranging it is also natural for your chickens to cross the road to find that trash talking (crowing) baby daddy so her eggs will hatch. Remember, sooner or later birds of a feather flock together. Life always finds a way.
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