Will my ducks be ok


Nov 13, 2020
Hello I have 5 ducks. Its been pouring rain here in qld for the last 3 days or so. Like pouring and windy. When I woke this morning I found 3 of my ducks had somehow escaped from their sleeping quarters and were out in the rain. I don't know for how long. It didn't seem to bother them but I'm really scared they might get sick. During the day they never go to there undercover shelter and just sit out in the rain. The forecast is not looking good for the next 10 days. The temp here is around 20 C(68F) during the day sometimes a bit higher and at night its been about 16 C (60F). I feel like my chickens are smarter as they are actully staying inside and only coming out ever so often for a forage. Should I be worried about them getting too cold? Worried mummy duck here. THANK YOU
Should I be worried about them getting too cold? Worried mummy duck here.
Hi there, hope you are enjoying BYC! :frow

Duck are made for water! And they love dabbling in the mud. ;)

They're literally water proof and VERY cold hardy.. once feathers have replaced duckling down.. say over 6-8 weeks. If they are under that age.. make sure they aren't shivering and give them a place to warm up if so. Otherwise your temperatures are about as mild as they can get and your ducks will be fine!

Chickens aren't quite made for water the way ducks are. They still come out in light rain and enjoy all the fresh worms and bugs brought to the surface.. but during heavier rain and wind usually seek shelter.

Ducks are hardier creatures than chicken.. both can withstand freezing temperatures when healthy as their feathers are insulating down jackets.

The main concern.. really should be predators. If your ducks can get out, then predators can get in. They like duck and chicken dinner! Consider adding your general location to your profile as it may help folks make the best suggestions possible at a glance regarding predators, parasites, possible treatments available, etc. ;)

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