Will my flock accept our newly hatched chicks? (Hen-raised)


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May 28, 2009
We have a silver-laced wyandotte that went broody 4-5 weeks ago. She was determined to stay that way, so I got some fertilized eggs and put them under her. She turned out to be a great mom & the eggs started hatching yesterday. I have 3 other hens- 2 RIR's and 1 buff orpington. So far, they haven't bothered with the chicks, and they're all in the same coop. I do free-range my hens during the day, so they have plenty to keep them busy. I did partition off a section of the coop so the chicks are kept around the nest box area and have access to their own starter feed and waterer, (it's pouring here in NJ so I didn't think she'd plan to bring her little brood out, plus 1 chick is currently hatching and still one more egg left) Mama hen can jump out, but of course I think her babies should be able to follow her. I don't think she'll try to leave at least till all her babies have hatched.
Any thoughts on what I should do? I could move the other hens to our barn, but I'd rather not if I don't have to, b/c my husband doesn't like his tools to get pooped on!
Thanks for any advice.


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Feb 5, 2009
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Just depends on the chickens.

If the broody is a good mama, she will protect the chicks from the others. I raised a chick in with the flock last year, without a problem. But sometimes the others will attack the chicks.

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