Will my girls ever sleep in their coop?

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    We built our coop and run in the spring when it was warm and beautiful out. As added shade and rain protection, we took a few scrap boards and made a platform just outside of the coop.As soon as the girls could fly, that's where they started sleeping, because it is higher than the roosts in their little coop. Now it's starting to get cold in the evenings, and I've even seen the crazies sleeping outside in the rain! Will they ever sleep in their coop again, or do I have to take away their "bed"? (It's kinda hard to tell, but the platform is just outside the coop. THAT'S where they like to sleep. [​IMG] )
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    You may have to "train" them. At dusk, put them inside where you want them to sleep. Do this several evenings in a row. It may take time.

    Also, I see why they would like to be on the outside. You have to think like a chicken. They want to be high up...away from any danger and that's exactly what they are doing.

    I would suggest you re think the COOP part. I know it'll be some work, but they will be more comfortable. I suggest you take that coop part off completey and build a coop that looks just like the exsisting run...but inclosed. It's just what I would do.

    Good luck.
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    I think I traumatized my birds last night. The kids left them out to range in the evening, so I went into the run and took away their platform. When they went home,I stood out of sight and listened. The were very obviously confused. They were very vocal. Lots of clucking and flapping around. The little banty girl kept trying to fly up and get footing on a small ledge. I put the girls into the coop several times, but most of them kept comming back out. I left them alone to try to figure it out, after all, they used to sleep in there before they could fly. Around 11pm, I went out to check, and all but 2 of our 6 were inside. I put the last 2 in, and I believe they stayed. [​IMG] Now, we're looking into upgrading. I am a big fan of the outhouse coops. [​IMG] Anybody got an outhouse I could have?
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    Mine would roost outside (I have a 2nd roosting bar that's out in the run) when I first put them out. Every night, I put them in the coop one by one... it took a MONTH of doing that but they finally went in on their own.

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