will my hen ever have eggs hatch?

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    i have a rhode island red and the rooster is a jersey giant. i have seen them mate and i was wondering if the hen will hatch eggs when she lays them. i have a coop with another jersey giant hen which has 2 chicks. can i put the rhode island red hen in with the giant? will she not attach the red hen? or will the red hen attack the jersey chicks? please tell me what to do [​IMG]
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    May 9, 2008
    Your RIR won't hatch chicks, even if they are fertile, unless she goes broody and sits on them for 3 weeks first. I had a RIR go broody last year and hatched 3 chicks but this year only my buff orps and a black australorp have gone broody.

    I wouldn't put the RIR in with the other hen and chicks until the chicks are older. The Jersey hen may decide to attack the RIR or the RIR may attack the chicks.

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