Will my hen walk normal again?

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    I bought a hen with scaley mites on January 1. Did not realize it until I got her home. Her legs looked horrible with raised scales and lumps all over. Figured out right away what was wrong and treated immediately. She has been kept separate from the other chickens because she has trouble walking for anything longer then five seconds and of course you never put a new chicken in with your old ones anyhow. It looks like I've taken care of the scaley mites but she is still having a hard time walking. Because the previous owner let it go so long, it looks like she started to become lame. My question is, will she ever walk normal again?
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    Try and encourage her to walk a little bit more each day. Just like in people they can get stiff if they haven't moved around in a while. I think working with her getting her to walk a little bit each day should start to work.
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