will my hens sit


10 Years
Oct 7, 2009
i recently got two hens,basicly free rangers,i put in my coop with a nice red roo.they the only hens in the coop.i have lay boxes,perch bars.....they sleep on the ground,and they lay all over the place.i put a box on the ground but one was broke. so now i moved the box up off the ground with her eggs now 3. will she ever get broody,and start sittin???? thanks
Unfortunately not all breeds or all hens within a breed go broody. It's been bred out of alot of breeds in favor of higher egg production.
It may take awhile for the hens to get comfortable in their new home.
You can try adding golf balls or fake eggs to the nestboxes to give them the idea.
Good luck to you.

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