Will my muscoveies ever stop being a-holes?


Sep 4, 2019
Gettysburg, PA
Hi there! So I have a small flock, my first two ducks were muscovies (although we bought them under the impression they were Pekins) we love them. We love their personalities and how unquie they are. But they’re so so so so mean to our lone Rouen (or mallard, we aren’t sure what she is now), her sister was taken by a hawk a little over a month ago so she’s all alone besides the chickens and Muscovies, who are really mean to her. We have two WH moving outside this week but Shadow (the lone duck) is really mean to them. This week will be their first week in their new enclosure since the hawk attacks. They been cooped up everyday while we worked since Spunky (shadows sister) was taken. We built them a 32ft by 25ft enclosure. It takes up most of what was left of our yard. We have 7ft post and bird netting over top! I’m worried they’re going to be even meaner to Shadow & possibly hurt her because they area is going from total free-range, to a smaller area they can’t escape from... but they’ll be safe from flying predators but they don’t understand that! We plan to have multiple sources of water and food to help keep them separate. It’s a pretty large area. Will my muscovies ever quit being huge assholes to everyone? Mostly to shadow but they are assholes to the chickens too! They just reached mating age, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Sometimes my female Muscovy is meaner to shadow than the male. I just don’t know! It worries me, we love all of our flock, we just want them to be a flock and get along with each other!!

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May 24, 2011
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I do agree with the suggestion on getting lone duck a friend, def a mallard derived so she can speak and hopefully bond with someone of her own kind.

Muscovy themselves are unique and sometimes can be difficult with other birds because of this.

My first birds ever were Muscovy, i was an oddball and started into ducks vs chickens(those followed later lol) at one time i had a huge scovie flock i did pepper it with some Pekin and some buff ducks but overall scovies stick with scovies... they have their own habits and language that differs from mallard breeds.

Not saying they cannot get along, as i have had it happen. My two buff duck females were raised with two scovies(who turned out to be drakes) and they grouped together for years actually breeding resulting in 10 x's.

Also had a pekin egg get in a scovie nest and she raised that baby just fine... funny enough that scovie raised pekin paired up with a scovie drake down the road.

My point is i have not had massive conflict between the breeds but i won't say for the most part they are "friends" nor associate with the mallard birds.

Since you have a large pen can you separate and area off? this may reduce conflict.

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Nov 27, 2017
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My male ducks went through that hormonal stage and made me nervous for awhile. But once that passed and a pecking order was established they chilled out. Adding newbies one or two at a time is hard. I try to add them in larger groups once or twice a year so aggression is much more spread out.
May 13, 2018
This is a question I’m currently asking myself multiple times per day. I have two 1 and 1/2 yr. old Muscovy hens and one almost 4 yr. old Rouen. Not counting broodiness, everything had been great until this past week or so. Now, my smaller Muscovy hen has turned highly aggressive, and the other two ducks have been reacting aggressively to her attacks.

Now, my Rouen is missing feathers, and I’ve been threatening everyone with the stew pot! I think, in my case, that It is mostly due to molting and being unable to free-range due to weather and increased threat of predation. I’m trying to find ways to keep everyone occupied when they’re stuck in the barn, and kicked everyone out of the barn today and made them exercise and take baths.

At any rate, I very much understand your frustration. I’m almost at a point where I would consider making changes to my beloved little flock. It’s one thing when everyone is laying and foraging and enjoying life, but I currently have 3 non-laying, sulky, mean birds!

That being said, my Rouen and my white Muscovy are still very bonded and still cuddle at night despite their differences.

Spring can not come soon enough!
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Nov 8, 2019
I dont think it's a hormonal thing as opposed to muscovies tend to be particular to being around there own kind also for future reference muscovy ducks are beautiful but have a wild side and they are substantially different then pekins from the start
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