Will my newly grown rooster ever settle down and stop being so aggressive??

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    I have two cuckoo maran roosters, (thought I had a hen and roo, but nope, both roos). I raised them from chicks, one has just recently started mating the hens and crowing. He is extremely aggressive and dominating. He is the prettiest of the two roosters though. The other rooster hasn't fully matured yet I guess, because he has not even ever crowed yet. He's pretty timid. There is a man coming today, that might be interested in getting one of them. (I'm only keeping one.) I can't decide which one to get rid of. These are the first chickens that I've raised, so I am not sure what to expect. Do they always act super aggressive when they first mature or is this rooster likely to always be this way? I'd rather keep the prettier one if he will just CALM DOWN. I really hate aggressive roosters. I have small kids and really don't want a mean rooster. He's never paid any attention to us. I'm just talking about with the other chickens. I'm afraid he'll get more aggressive and be mean to the kids. So to sum it up, my question is, Do roosters always act like this at first and then mellow out, or is this guy likely to always be an extremely aggressive and dominating rooster? And since the other one is more timid as of now, is it likely to remain timid even after it starts mating and such?
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    I've found that if you remove all but one rooster, the one left will calm down....it's the competition that can get them going.

    Keep the one you like best, and then you will see what happens when the other is removed from the scene.

    Yes they are pretty rambunctious when the first become 'active' , but there's no guarantee how they will behave as they and after they mature fully.

    With little kids around I would hesitate to even have a rooster, they can turn and inflict great physical and emotional damage in the blink of an eye.

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