will my not so silver wyandotte chicks lay more than perfect wyandotte?

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  1. Scotty from BI

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    Aug 26, 2015
    I purchased 6 silver laced wyandotte chicks and 6 gold laced wyandotte chicks from Privett Hatchery through a local feed store. None are what I would call show quality. The golds have decent lacing and actually look pretty good although they do not have a desirable round shape associated with the breed. The silvers are a bit of a mess with poor lacing and body shape. One has a single comb. While I accept that Hatchery chicks are not going to be breeder quality or show quality, my question is this. Will my not so wyandotte chicks likely lay more and larger eggs than a perfect "breeder" wyandotte? I figure that the Hatchery probably mixes what ever with their breeding stock and after so many generations the lacing and body shape get diluted. I have been watching some of the many Wyandotte threads here and see that this is a common situation with regards to the poor lacing etc. So to those with experience or knowledge of this breed, is there at least a better egg layer in my not so wyandotte chickens? My chicks are currently 9 weeks old and these are the first of this breed I have ever had. Wondering if I made a mistake choosing silver laced wyandottes.


    By the way, this is not me being critical of the breed. But the birds I have do not look anything like the pictures of the beautiful birds I thought I would get when I ordered them.
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    Sep 23, 2015
    Deer park, Washington
    9 weeks are too soon to judge them.. look at them again at 30 weeks

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