will my Orps comb grow?


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8 Years
Jul 11, 2011
shes about 15 weeks, and someone just pointed out he comb is almost non exsistant..is this just because shes still young?
I dont think the breed really has big combs, mine dont. It doesnt mean theyre not healthy or anything, its just genetics. Only the roosters have huge combs, but the hens are pretty small. Shes not gonna have the comb of a leghorn hen is what Im saying. Ug, im sorry, lol. Its early. Tell me if this is making sense.
My four BA girls are 13 weeks and look just like your pic, except that their combs/faces are redder. Like another poster said, their combs just don't get all that big, but they will get bigger than what yours is now.
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My BO pullets are around 16-18 weeks and their combs look like the one on your pullet. Very small and very pale. But my girls aren't nearly as filled out and pretty as yours.

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