Will my roosters kill each other?


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Aug 2, 2021
I have these two roosters who are brothers. They are currently really close, always hanging out with each other, and sharing food. I want to put them in a coop with some of their sisters and mother. I found out one of their “sisters” is actually a rooster. I know the two close brothers won’t fight over hens, but do you think they’ll kill the other rooster if they have 6 hens? Please let me know your thoughts.


Aug 20, 2019
Placer County, CA
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We currently have 13 chickens total, 2 of them are roosters, all of them are 2yrs old. We did have more hens for better ratio but the numbers have reduced since then.
It's our 1st time keeping roosters - kids wouldn't let me get rid of them so I kept them around. I do feel more confident letting them free range with two protectors out there with them, none have been lost to predators while ranging, we used to lose them to hawks, foxes and bobcats in the middle of the day.
The roosters definitely DO fight occasionally and the dominant one definitely keeps the other in check - but after observing them together for so long I don't think they'd ever kill one another, they'll separate before getting to that point

Gary David

Mar 10, 2022
We had to roosters that were brothers they were always together but then recently one would chase the other off. Yesterday they had big fight .. one was fine but the other was noticeably shocked his comb and wattle went purple. We put in the shed over night with a little water but sadly he died.. RIP Ringo 😢


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May 31, 2019
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The closer it gets to Spring/prime mating time, their hormone levels will likely rise and dominating behaviors between the boys will be more obvious. The roosters will have to work it out. I have a lot of roosters and the way it's worked for me is that there will be one lead rooster. The other two will probably fight for 2nd in charge and the last will be last. What breeds are your 2 rooster and cockerel? Some breeds are more apt to fight to kill, but if I'm not mistaken, most breeds won't do that unless you've got two males that aren't willing to back off/step away and accept their loss. The amount of space they have also has a lot to do with it. Roosters need more space. My boys successfully free ranged together and are doing surprisingly well being confined to a run, but my hens are kept separate. Other than the breed, each individual bird will be the determining factor in them getting along.

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