will not drink from Water Nipples

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    I was going to post a ? on how to train my 20+ wk old girls how to drink from water nipples when I saw all the post about how they are naturally courious and will take to it naturally. OK! 6 days in and my water level hasn't dropped. Yes the bucket is vented. Have repositioned height three times? Tonight I tried taping watermelon bites to the bottom near the nipples. (Crochet thread thru the melon, melon about 3 x size of nipples) Not sure if it worked. This morning I gave them a large bowl of water which they attacked and almost drained. living in NE a water bowl is out of the question in a couple of months. HELP!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] No wonder I have a flat forhead.

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    Jul 10, 2010
    You can spray them with a water bottle so they see the water all over them.
    Or peck at them with your finger like your hand is drinking.

    I had trouble with mine and switched to waterer cups, which I like a lot better but they will get a hang of it if you persist.

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    Thanks Bellevue, My concern with other methods is them freezing
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    Mar 21, 2010
    Hi! I was worried about mine not using the nipple waterers, but they took to it pretty quickly. First, I started on a hot day and made sure that the water in the nipple drinker was cold. Then I picked up the "alpha" hen and tapped her beak on the nipple. She got a drop on her beak and drank it. We did this about 3 times and then I picked up another chicken, one whom I fancy to be "the smart one" and tapped her beak to the nipple to have her drink. Then I stood back and watched. By the end of the day they were all drinking from the nipple waterer! I hope this helps! Also, to heat it in the winter I have heard (this will be our first winter with this system) that some use aquarium heaters. I live in the south and while it gets cold here, it isn't that cold and doesn't last too long. I'm going to try painting the buckets black and leaving them exposed to the sun. We'll see. But if that doesn't work, I'm off to the aquarium heater!
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    heating in winter I can handle if they will drink from it. I just picked up a "Thermoblock". Looks like a cube tap with only 2 outlets. turns power on at 35 degrees and of at 45 degrees. The aquarium heaters start at 50 watts and heat to water to 78 degrees I understand that that might be better than cold for the girsl. there is a 10 watt for those of you down south but that only raises 2 -5 gals about 10 degrees above room temp.
    Tomorrow I think I will remove all snacks (hanging squash and cabbage) grab one of the girls and teach her to drink.

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