Will one hen set on her whole flocks eggs ?


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I have 11 free range chickens that go to their coop at night. they have been laying in the coop all winter. One of the sexlinks has been making nests outside the coop and laying. yesterday i found her nest with her egg and another. i took them . today i go down there and there are 5 eggs in there and only one in my coop. will the flock lay there till there are enough eggs to set and will a hen sit on a conglomeration of eggs. it makes more sense to me that instead of a hen laying just her eggs for 10 days or so that her flocks lays 10-15 in 3 days and then one hen sets. Also if she does sit on the eggs should i move her to a safer place or will this not work?
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most likely the sex link will not stay broody. I've heard how production bred birds will attempt then bail on the nest.

But yes to your question, I've seen chickens raise ducks


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Our hens are always making new nest spots around the barn. Some days I will find 1 or 2 eggs in it other days 5+. So far they have only kept one for more than a month most only last a week or so (but then I am always taking their eggs).

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