Will our birds show adult coloring/feathering @ 18wks old?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by gimme sum eggs, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Jan 29, 2009
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    We have some pullets that will be 18 weeks old when the local county fair is in town. I'd like to enter one of each of our breeds, BR, BA, and RIR. I know that they typically don't start to lay until around week 20, but I wondered if they will have the full adult appearance at 18 weeks. These aren't show quality birds, but our fair has seen a steady decline in exhibit participation and I hate to see an old tradition like it go by the wayside. Entering some of our girls seems like a good way to contribute to the fair exhibits.
    We also thought about adding a little poster board sign to give people an idea what goes into raising chickens and the benefits that come with it.
    A good thing like eating healthy and growing your own food needs to be promoted IMHO. I think people have lost touch with the food chain.

    Sorry, got kinda off track there. Anyway, any idea if they will be full-feathered and adult color by then??
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    They should be pretty close. I have noticed on my Silkies and Sizzles that there is a serious molt during the 4th month by 5- 6 months old they have nice adult feathers and are in good form. My Barred Rocks seemed to develop earlier that the Silkies. The RIR was a bit slower and I dont' have experience with BA.

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