Will peerless peepers help with egg pecking?


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I have one hen out of 28 that pecks eggs. She is an older chicken someone gave us, ours are young. She only pecks brown eggs, her own color (red sex link). I have heard that mustard inside a fake hollow egg works. Will try this. She is now fitted with peerless peepers. Has anyone stopped egg pecking with this? I know I should probably get rid of her, but it enjoy solving the problem and outsmarting the chicken. Its not as easy as it sounds!
WOULD LOVE posts on other ideas to stop pecking, other than bill cutting, or the stew pot.
And will Peerless peeper work here?
I have not dealt with peerless peeper but time after time I have read post where people have. Most have success with it, but all report something like starting training in dogs. IE: Keep them on for a month then take them off. Sometimes it works the first time, but more often than not it takes a second time to reinstall the training.

Most people suggest getting rid of her simply to not have her teach this trait to others. Has she always pecked eggs with you? If so, peerless peepers are the most humane way for you to go. If not, do you have enough oyster shell for calcium? They will start for boredom and lack of calcium in their diets.

I wish you the best of luck!
My egg eater has been debeaked at the battery farm. She still managed to get into them. I used a golf ball, she stopped within days. The mustard trick was my next tactic, but thankfully I didn't have to resort to it.

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