Will Ravens attack my chickens?


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My entire tiny town is a bird sanctuary. I had let the chickens out to free range and my DD came running in the house saying to come look at the sky. I went out and there are hundreds of ravens circling in the skys above our town. Now TONS of them are roosting in the trees on my street. How worried should I be? Cause I'm freaking out! I have put the chickens back in thier run and left the dogs outside.
You know, I've never heard or read about ravens attacking chickens, but the thought went through my own head today while out with my babies (I think because they were so much bigger than my 3 week olds). I feel confident that it's not a worry, but I'll be watching for other replies....
Not usually, though if they're truly ravens, and in large numbers, possibly. Ravens can be darn agressive... crows won't though so make sure of what they are.

Are you sure they aren't starlings? Ravens don't usually gather in such large numbers, but starlings will. Starlings won't bother your hens, but they'll make short work of any chicken feed they can get to.

Double check what they are, and get back to us?

//edit// Ravens are very opportunistic, and might well bother young ones such as the 3 wk old ones.
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Well now I'm not sure maybe they are American crows. They are giant. I don't even let my little pomeranian out when they are in the yard, they are WAY bigger than her. We always have them in town, but there is just a massive amount of them today. I know it's time for birds to migrate and all, but I haven't seen them come in in such large amounts all at once before. And last year I didn't have my chickens, so I would have never thought about it.
well, crows are a bit smaller than ravens, and have rounded heads.


Ravens tend to have a more wedge shaped head, it doesn't show here that well, but they're bigger than crows, blockier, and their feathers are... rougher, is all I can think of to call it, as well as a more sabre sharp beak.


Starlings are smaller, congregate in larger groups and are chirpier instead of the harsher calls of either crows or ravens.


hope this helps! Mostly, I don't THINK they'd normally hurt grown birds. I know crows WILL hurt or kill chicks, but Ravens don't normally gather in such large numbers... I guess I'd keep an eye on them and watch to see how they act.

//edit// sorry if this all sounds vague... I used to live in Anchorage, and love ravens which are very common there... I just am not positive about how they act around chickens. Maybe some of our Alaska members who have chooks can tell us more!
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I know this is an older post but.... this is definately wrong.... a group of ravens completely ate one of my 7 or 8 pound meaties today... neighbour saw them. They pulled bits of the rears off several others, they will keep that up until they get the intestines out then carry on!
Hi , in a lll my years on a farm I have seen ravens take baby chicks many times.even a small kitten once. This year I could not believe it when I saw a raven try to take down one of my adult hens. Then hen was running toward the henhouse and the raven hit it from behind. I am not sure what the outcome would have been because i set my dog onto the raven and the chicken made it to the henhouse more than a little stressed. She was two days before she would venture outside again. I know ravens are bold and even seen them pecking at the window in the shed where one of my geese were setting . So yes they will attack adult hens , though this one will never do it again.
I have six week old hens. I open the coop and let them and my four grown hens out in the morning. The big hens free-range but the babies stick around the coop which is inside our pasture. We went to town and checked the babies when we got home. Laid down for a nap for a couple hours. Didn't hear anything. My husband looked out at the coop and saw feathers everywhere and a ripped apart little chicken. Went outside and four were dead, ripped apart, and three were still okay inside the coop. Three were missing. We watched our security camera and sure enough, a huge raven attacked the babies inside and outside the coop. It immediately tore their feathers out. Three babies got away and ran into the bushes on the other side of our electric fence. One of the babies had its entire breast pulled out and gone. Two had their heads pulled off, and all that was left of the last one killed was its wings. So I suspect this attack involved taking food to its nest then returning because that was A LOT of meat gone from the location. My husband took a picture of it then shot at it with a pellet gun. The three that took off came back at twilight and are locked up safe. Ordered two fake ravens from Amazon to hang out. I let you know if this works. All four of my Blue Andalusians were killed, I suspect because they were light gray and easier to see. My remaining chicks are Brown Leghorns, Slver leghorn, and a Sicilian Buttercup, and their colors didn't stand out as much as the Blues. :(

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