will rooster get along...?

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  1. so im ordering so sumatras, well im gonna make sure the rooster we have now will be with them all the time so in case theres a roo there will be no fights. well i was wondering, would there still be fighting even if i raised them together? we got bantams cause standard there was only males LOL!!!!
  2. please -puppy dog eyes- i know SOMEONE must have a sumatra
  3. Ive seen at least ONE person post a sumatra, and i know many more people know more about rooster behavoir
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    Raised together you have somewhat of a chance of success. If your rooster is indeed a 'game mix' he will most likely take on the young roosters as they start crowing and mating the hens - might not be pretty. Have a contingency plan involving a separate pen/coop.
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    All should be well until the youngsters get old enough to challenge the old cock. He may or may not be up to the challenge, depending on breed and age. For sure he will run a good bluff for quite a while. It's just the way things are, with the young eventually displacing the old as alpha. Not real familiar with Samatra bantams, but the large ones are quite forcefull for the most part. They were originally gamefowl, but most of the gameness has been bred out of them in prefference to showing. Good luck with yours........Pop
  6. well hes my avi so if hes not a OEGB then he has to have SOME game in him

    we're getting rid of the old hens ( Egg eaters [​IMG]) will that affect anything? I know from other threads the youngsters take the young hens from the old timer, and he wont have any one (except our orp who doesnt eat eggs)
    thanks for the help
  7. We dont know his age, we know hes a OEGB mix (or we think) hes real good at fighting, he was still putting up a fight when some other roos nearly killed him.
    ya we got the banties since all the large ones were males and i knew they would kill our old guy.

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