Will scar tissue grow in?

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    Had one of my Barred hens torn up by my White rock roo. She had a good size flap of skin ripped down. I isolated her,put neosporin on the wound and fitted her with an old pair of boys underwear so it looks like a vest on her. My question is that area of skin that is missing will scar tissue fill it in,its kind of big. Had this happen to a RIR when I had to many roosters but it wasnt quite as big. So far it doesnt look infected,she is eating regularly and drinking plenty of water. Actually she has laid 2 eggs since the mishap and she is enjoying the special attention too.

  2. Slowly the skin will grow in along with scar tissue. When my chicken was beat up my my goose she had several very did cuts and missing skin, it looked like someone cut huge chunks out of her back in several places. I had to isolate her so the other hens would not peck at the open wounds, it took about 6 weeks for her to heal up. She never acted like anything was wrong. You can't even tell she was badly injured except her tail feathers now grow in standing off to the right. Just keep some antibiotic ointment on it and it should heal up fine.

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