Will Scovies & Pilgrims get along?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by keeperofthehearth, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. and can I house them together? I'm thinking of just one pair of Pilgrims but will the gander be a problem housed w/a Scovy drake?
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    It may depend on how old they are when you get them.

    I bought a 3 year old muscovy drake and he hated my gander who was less than a year old. I got rid of the drake and his little girl too.
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    I received 7 muskovies (about 3 drakes) when they were only a couple of months old and house them with 1 goose and 9 pekins and 1 mallard duck. Everyone gets along fine. As mentioned above, if started early, I think they should be OK.

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    We have muscovies, pilgrim, embden, black east indies, and pekin all running amuck together. They will be fine.
  5. Thanks! My Scovy drake is pretty mellow but he will be close to 1yr old if we get Pilgrim goslings. I would be brooding the goslings unless I could get a Scovy hen to brood them with her clutch. Charlotte likes to steal all the ducklings soooo maybe she would accept a gosling or two. [​IMG]
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