Will she keep warm enough on the coop floor??

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    Apr 26, 2009
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    I have 3 hens, BO, Light Brahma, EE about 18 weeks old. The LB refuses to roost. I've seen her up there once, so I know she can get there, and there is plenty of room, but she rather be on the floor of the coop. She is on a thick layer of shavings. Coop is best described as a large dog house on legs with an attached run. (It's much nicer than that but just for a visual) The windows are caulked, I've weather stripped the nest box. We shut the door as soon as they go in for the night, around 6 lately. It's starting to touch the high 30's during the night here. I'll turn the 100 watt bulb on at night maybe when it gets into the 20's. I'm worried she wont be warm enough by herself. Should I add a low free standing roost so she can get up off the shavings but keep her feet covered? I'm going to add a layer of straw in there for warmth after it starts to frost. What do you think??
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    she will be fine actually better than the ones roosting if you take into consideration of her toes being exposed a little on the roost. some chickens just take a while to like roosting.

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