Will she sit becomes she is sitting!

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    Hello all. About a month ago I had a post about my buff and pekin girls building a nest. Both ducks have been laying daily since January. Neither at the time seemed a bit interested in sitting, so I took two of the eggs and hatched two beautiful buff/pekin baby ducks! With advice here and after reading I had kinda lost hope of having my ducks hatch under momma. We took out all the other eggs and just went about our business.

    Now lo and behold my buff is sitting on her nest and has 13 eggs in it [​IMG]!


    We took the 8 newest eggs out just last week to send to someone here and at the time she seemed a little bothered by my messing around. But I didn't think much about it. They both, the pekin and her kept on laying in the nest.

    Now it would appear she is gonna be a momma. She is sitting all but about 20 minutes a day.

    I am so excited! [​IMG]!

    Here is the proud papa keeping an eye on the nest!


    We will just wait and see.

    Tracy from Indiana
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  2. How exciting! Hope you get to have some cute little quackers soon!
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