Will she sit on it?

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  1. I found my first egg today. I wanted my silkie to hatch for themselves. The egg is in the nest and when everyone went to bed tonight it was still there all by itself. I was told on my I found an egg thread" I will have to incubate it if noone is sitting on it. I am confused now! I thought they would lay for a few days then go to sitting on the eggs.
    Do I need to bring this egg inside? I do want chicks if it is in fact fertile. Can't see why it would not be I have 4 roosters in there with 15 hens.
    Will she not lay more and then sit on a few?
    Why is it all alone?
    The temps will be around 50 here tonight the egg is in a coop inside a covered run.
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    She has to go broody before she will sit!!

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    They lay one egg at a time until there are 6 or 7 eggs, then if they are going to go broody, they will sit on them.

    I like to put 3 golf balls in a nest or two. I gather all the eggs daily and keep out the ones that I want to see hatched.

    If a broody starts then I'll take 8 to 12 eggs and set them under her replacing the golf balls. Then wait 21 days.

    If a broody doesn't start, I usually sell the hatching eggs. If I don't sell them. They go into the fridge and we sell them for eating or eat them ourselves.
  4. That is what I thought.
  5. I will wait a few days to see if she goes broody. But this is what I was thinking. I went and got the egg and repalced it with a golf ball. I plan on getting up very early tomorrow to see which of my lovely girls is laying. I am tickled I have some lav eggs coming soon and hope the hen and the post work with me here so the silkies can hatch the eggs for me. I do not want to incubate again. I just killed 8 of 16 chicks and am not feeling to confident at the moment.!

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