Will Silkie hen with 2 week old chicks accept a 6 hour old peachick from incubator


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
Hi Everyone,
I have a Silkie hen who sat on 5 eggs from my cochin and 4 of them hatched 2 weeks ago, she also sat on the peacock egg for 21 days, but once her chicks hatched a few days later she stopped sitting on the peacock egg. The egg was in the incubator for the last week. It hatched today. This evening I want to put it under my hen, but I do have reservations that she will accept him... Any one want to put their 2 cents in I would love it, and soon !!! So I know what to do ...
Thanks a bunch !!!


9 Years
Aug 25, 2010
Kailua, HI

Silkies are excellent mamas, and will even steal other hens eggs to sit on. I am not too sure about fostering chicks, but I would try it myself. Shove the chick under her at night, but keep watch for a few hours. You don't want to find the rejected chick out in the cold, or that the hen pecked it to death as if it were an intruder to her chicks. Let us know how it goes!

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