Will the cooking spray "pan" kill scaly mites?


8 Years
Apr 8, 2011
Ok a long time ago I did not see that the rooster I bought from a swap had mites, and at the time I did not know you had to "quarenteen" (SP) So My rooster was gave my hens scaly mites, Will pan take care of it? how many times do I treat them?

You mean Pam? If so, it can be used to treat mites as it's an oil. Any kind of oil that you can coat the legs good in can theoretically be used to treat mites, but some may be safer to the chickens than others. The idea is to coat the legs so that the mites will smother. I'd recommend Vaseline, though, as it's far cheaper than Pam and much, much easier to get a good, thick coating on the legs with; Pam is very runny, so a lot of it will probably go to waste and not stay on the chickens' legs. Most poultry dust can treat mites, and I'd recommend maybe rubbing some poultry dust on their legs and then coating with Vaseline. That way the mites get a double dose of treatment. I've also read of people using Sevin dust for mites and lice.

If you're trying to smother the mites, you'll probably need to re-coat the legs every 3 days or so. As for dusting them, the poultry dust I have recommends doing a second application 7 days after the first. Generally, 2 applications should be enough, but just to be safe, you may want to do 3 applications of the Pam or Vaseline.
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sorry I meant pam. Thanks for the reply. Next time I go into town ill have to pick some up

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