Will their eggs get bigger?

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    Our girls are just starting to lay, one started in Nov, two this past week so. My question is when does a pullet start laying her normal sized eggs? We're getting peewee eggs from our Golden Campine and small eggs (almost medium) from our Deleware and Australorp. I know that they can start out laying smaller eggs, or larger double yolkers until their systems get sorted out but I was hoping that we would at least move up from Peewee soon. Not that I'd rly mind if they stay small because she's a pet chicken that happens to lay eggs vs a production bird that happens to be a pet.

    On a semi related note, is it 3 peewee eggs to a large if a recipe calls for large eggs?

    Also I checked the scale, it told me a store bought egg was a jumbo.

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    Most pullet eggs start out smaller and slowly enlarge to give the hens a chance to stretch out.

    Some breeds lay smaller eggs than other.

    It usually takes a few months for eggs to reach full size.

    Pullets that mature in the wrong season will lay smaller eggs, so fall maturing hens are best for overall egg size.

    Hens will lay larger eggs during their second and third season.

    I use 2 bantam eggs to one normal large egg in recipes.
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    Yeah the Campine is supposed to lay a medium egg eventually but if it takes a few months that's fine. She earns her keep by making me smile.
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    It's been my experience that pullets that delay onset of laying begin with a larger size egg than those that begin early, say 17 weeks to 20 weeks. But all the pullet eggs should get larger each day and they finally get to their full size for their breed in about a month.

    I have three EEs that have just begun to lay, and one laid her first today. I'm pretty pleased with the size since these rascals reached age six months in the fall just as the days were getting too short to stimulate hormones. After a month of artificial light, the eggs finally began coming, and my patience was rewarded by a decent size for first month layers.

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