Will there ever be peace and harmony?


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Apr 6, 2010
I have eighteen 9 week old BR & RIR. I also had 4 ducks. Ducks and chickens were sharing some space, and I really never felt prepared for them (they were a surprise gift). I finally talked to husband about rehoming them, and we did. In exchange for the 4 ducks, I was given 2 laying hens.

We brought them home on Sunday, and wow, my 9 week olds have a long way to grow yet! Anyway, I didn't have a way to keep them seperate, and husband, being way more hardened than I said "it's called a pecking order for a reason" and they are all together.

It didn't take long for that order to be established, but now all the 9 week olds are kinda terrified of the older chickens. They take a wide berth. If I put out any food, they don't let anyone get near it until they are done, and sometimes not even then. Will there be harmony at any point? Or do I need to figure out a way to put them in their own area? it's possible, but a lot of work that I would have to do alone as hubs is pretty much DONE with that coop! (his words)

In other news, I did get 2 eggs for the first time yesterday... even tho I didn't do any of the work it was still exciting! (Eggciting too).


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In the interim, put food and water out in a second location so the younger birds can get to it.

I actually keep feed in two separate places and water in three different places (because it's getting so hot around here).

I have a mixed flock with chickens of three different ages. I did introduce them gradually, through fence barriers so they could hear and see each other for a couple of weeks before I let them all mingle. But I still provide more than one place to get food and water. The Big Chickens do swarm me for treats and won't let the littler ones get close to me, so I toss treats further away too, whilst feeding the BCs treats from my hands.

It WILL all settle down, eventually. Honest!

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