Will these chicks be olive eggers?

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    Oct 23, 2016
    Hello everyone! I'm new to back yard chickens, but not new to raising chickens. :) I have my first broody hen, and I'm wondering if some the chicks will be olive eggers/ what they will look like. Then hen is sitting on 5 blue eggs from my hatchery Araucana, and two eggs from my Australorp. The rooster is a speckled sussex.
    If anyone has pictures of these breed mixes I would love to see that as well! Thanks!
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    to the extent the parent have depth of hue in their eggs to that extent will the kids lay an olive eggs. I gather the blue eggs are quite blue. The Sussex lays a cream to very light brown egg. I don't know what color the Australop egg is. To get really dark olive you want (of course) the blue egg and a rally dark brown egg parent. Dark egg breeds are Marans, Welsummer, Pendescensa.(sp?) I think the Australop lays a lighter cream egg? Anyway, I think the olive your birds will lay will be a lighter hue.
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    I can pretty much guarantee that your Araucana are actually Easter Eggers. No hatchery has true Araucana. Speckled Sussex do not have the required genes for the dark brown egg coating, so none will be Olive Eggers. You may get some green layers out of the batch of chicks, though.
  4. chickwalla

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    Oct 23, 2016
    Thanks guys! Sounds like the eggs will be pretty regardless. I know the chicks that hatch out of the australorps eggs will be brown layers, I'm just so curious how both mix breeds will look!
    I'm also excited because a couple of the blue eggs are from a hen that was killed by a raccoon. :( I'm glad I may have a couple of her chicks.

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