will they be warm enough?

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    Oct 3, 2007
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    our four 2month old peeps got the BIG MOVE yesterday (waaaah!) out to their coop/run. we all survived the first night out (they weathered it much better than i did...).

    the coop's got roughly 4x5 floor space, but is a TALL a-frame. i have an infrared heat lamp (250watt, sits about 5 or 6 feet high, near the ceiling and behind a chicken wire guard). the coop's not insulated, but it has leftover roofing from our house remodel on the slanted "a" sides and is draft free. they have small window vents on the vertical sides of the coop that are about 4"x8" for ventilation... the highest place that they can perch is about 2' below the windows (and about 3' below the heat lamp). it's supposed to be cold tonight (29degrees-ish) and i'm fussing that they'll be warm enough...

    would you go out and cover the window vents for overnight or anything else for extra protection???

    sorry i'm being a baby... i just don't want them to be too cold. they're my peeps!!!!

    thanks in advance!!!!!!!
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    Sounds like they will be ok. If you are getting fresh air from below then you could pinch one(vent) off, or tape over both a little but you need good ventilation.

    Dont worry too much if you have heat in there they will adjust to or away from it to stay warm enough !

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