Will they come back??


10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
new Hampshire
My 2 runner ducks I have only had 2 days got lose and ran away yesterday
I have not seen them since they ran away with my new 6 week old muscovy who came back at dark.
Is there any body of water near you? might check there. Also neighbors? I have Muscovies so don't know much about runners, I hope they will come back, Keep us posted.
I have a ton of water all around me a brook runs my entire 7 acres and leads to a huge lake. i have not seen them. I notified neighbors and gave them my number. I have waited so long to get runner ducks and they literally run away
Most likely they have gone to the water, it's safer than dry ground. Hope you can find them soon, is there any way you can travel around the lake and the length of your brook. If I was a duck I'd most likely get in the water. If people live along the lake they could have taken up at someones home, especially if offered food. If you had them only 2 days they could have gotten lost if went to far on the lake. Hope you find them.
I really hope so I feel awful but it was an accident my 5 year old cracked the door to see his new duck and they bolted. He feel so bad and there is no help in getting angry so we wait and hope.
That is really strange. I know the runners at one of the lakes near me like to hide near the reeds and under the trees. If you don't know where to look, you might never see them.

If you still can't find them, perhaps someone else has taken them in. Does your humane society deal with waterfowl?
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Not that I am aware of I have posted them and let surrounding neighbors know to look for them. I live in a pretty rural area on a lake front area where most people are seasonal.
I am sorry they haven't come home yet . Like desertdarlene said they are most likely along the lake somewhere. Too bad we're so spread out or we could help you look. I know I would be heart broken if mine were lost.

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