Will they come back?


8 Years
May 18, 2011
Dixon Missouri
Okay rookie mistake. Took the Hens and rooster out of the carrier this morning. Left the gate open and out they went.

Well off into they woods they ran. I'm guessing as I had only had them for a bit over 12 hours if even that long IO more than likely won't see them again. On to of the fact with all the dogs running around they won't survive if I can't find them and catch them.

Any thoughts?
I'd be Very surprised if you see them again, I Hope you do but they have no clue that is home and being in the woods at night is def Not a good thing.....poor things
Well better half made a good point hope they find the neighbors up the road I know they have a Guinea (spelling) Flock or atleast 4 that come visit us from time to time
Not good!!! I usually lock them up in their coop for a week. Then let them into the run for another week & then start free ranging after that. I would of gotten a spot light & looked in the woods the first night. I would of sprinkled scratch around the woods & searched the next day. Being in the woods at night is mighty risky. Good luck & let us know the outcome.
You can try to bait them into your yard with some food. Since they don't really know you, your best bet of catching them would be at night while they're asleep (assuming you find where they've settled in). Maybe give your neighbors a call to see if they've been spotted. Sorry this happened. Good luck!
I had a similer experiance...of 25 grown birds we found 19. The best bet is grabbing them out of the trees at night....push them off the roost with a pole if you can't reach...They are much easier to catch at night. We put food out and many stayed in the yard so we were still grabbing them out of trees for 3 or 4 days. Of those that ran more than a few yards in to the woods or across the street into the swam none were seen after noon on day two.

That's been a few weeks and we can now let them free range and they all lay where they are suppost to and only 4 won't come in at night if given a choice.
Update they are close. Still in our yard if you call it that. I went in behind them in the woods and pushed them closer back toward the chicken area. If they will stay in that area will have them tonight when they roost. Hope they will do some damage to the bug population untill then lol I got covered in ticks pushing them through the woods.

I feel a little better knowing they stayed close.
Thanks for the update.

Since they are near you can prob grab they tonight. Just try to keep an eye on where they hang out. Ours love to roost in the spruce trees, although I did pull one hen off a nest under that thick mat of dead branched rea close to the trunk. Use a bright light to find them/blind them and get them one at a time.
Update #2 I have 2 of the Hens back. Landlord has an old barn on the property. It's loaded with junk lolol. Found girl #1 with ease. She was roosted right off the loft ladder on a trash bag. Girl #2 i found on the way out sitting on a box with her Head down in the box.
Getting ready to go find girl #3 and the rooster. Wish me luck so far the 2 i have found have been un harmed.

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