will they come home?

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    Jan 29, 2013
    Last spring I built a prefab coop and started my adventure as a chicken keeper. Although it was not cheap and from what I thought was a GOOD company it's has fallen apart. The roof has been replaced on the coop and the run when it was ONLY a few months old. It has since fallen apart again. It's time to get a new walk in hen house yep I need larger I want more chickens, however I don't like the spot the old one is in. It flood a lot and want to move the new coop location.

    My girls free range and come back to the coop at sundown, they know where home is. If I change location will they know where their new home is? I thought I would keep them locked in the coop and run for a week or 2 and hope they figure out how to get home once I let them out.

    Any input as to how to make the move easy would be of great help>>>thanks
  2. I think lock them up for about three days!
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    Welcome ! When you finish the new coop that night take them off the roost in the old coop and put them in the new one. Leave them in there for one week then they will know their new home. Take down or close the old one so they don't back in unless you still want to use it.
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    How far away will new coop be from old location?? And if old coop is totally removed, then I would think chicks would have no problem. I believe your concerns are valid, Did you by chance talk to bee keepers? I know bees will be lost if their hive is moved more than 3 feet.
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    Jan 29, 2013
    thanks for the input.......the new coop will be about 30 feet away from the old one. I plan on taking the old one down.

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