Will they eat too much Alfalfa?

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    Hi all! I have another one of those dumb questions [​IMG] My Hubby brought home a nice big bale of Alfalfa for the chickens, he told me not to give them very much because it could make them sick. My chickens don't free range at this time because of the heat and I've been hand feeding them grasses. Just wondering if it would hurt them by giving them the whole bale and just letting them pick through it, will they make themselves sick by eating too much of it or should I just pinch a little off at a time like he says to do?
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  2. A.T. Hagan

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    I don't think they'll make themselves sick, but if you give them the entire bale at one time they are likely to waste quite a lot of it. I'd give them a flake or two a day and let them occupy themselves scratching it apart to get what they want.
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    I buy alfalfa by the bail and put out about a quarter of it at a time (40+ little bantams). I leave it compressed and let them pick it on down. Gives them something to do.

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