Will they ever get on?

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    Hi, I have 3 girls that are two years old. (A well summer, a Amber star and a goldline) I'm trying to introduce two new girls to them and it's not going well [​IMG]. The new girls are a French grey and a skyline, they are both 20 weeks. I' have them in a separate house and run within the main run. 2 of the old hens are very aggressive towards them and attacked the skyline drawing blood on her legs when I tried to integrate them. They've been able to see but not hurt each other for 3 weeks now, but they still hate the new girls. They pace around the new girls run, stamping their feet and trying to peck them. My question is, will they ever get on?
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    Yes, but you need to let them begin to work through it.

    They've gotten to know one another, but now they need to "mingle", and that's the tough part. It involves brief skirmishes until they settle into their ranks in the pecking order.

    As with humans, it involves different temperaments and relationships between the parties. One will insist she is top hen, while perhaps one of the new ones may insist she is, and on down. Until they can each agree on their rank in the pecking order, skirmishes need to be expected. They generally don't involve more than nicked combs, which heal quickly.

    I've found that by letting them mingle for a half hour the first day, and increasing the time spent together, yes, fighting is going to occur, they will eventually work it out.

    You might get some tips from my article about introducing a rescue hen into my flock, linked below this post, the third link.

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