Will they ever start laying again?

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    Almost two months ago I got home from school to find the neighbors dogs had some how got into our new coop (that we built specifically to keep the chickens safer). One of the dogs was sitting in there with our two Silver Laced Wyandottes dead by her side. Our five Buffs were up in the hen house scared our of there minds I'm sure. They wouldn't come out for a day or so. Anyway we haven't had eggs since then. I'm wondering if it's possible that they won't ever lay again. Any suggestions?
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    I've heard that red pepper flakes or cayenne will "jump start" egg laying, but be warned that is a wives' tale.

    It is possible for chickens to "stress molt" - have they lost any feathers? Increasing their protein intake will help if they're in a molt or still regrowing feathers.

    Edited to add: I've heard orps aren't good winter layers. The daylight hours are currently the shortest they will be all year and a lot of hens will slow down or stop laying because of lack of light. They may just be biologically responding to a significant decrease in daylight, on top of the scare.
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