Will they get along?

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    We are getting an order of buff orps in a few weeks, however I have a chance to get a few Araucanas tomorrow. Since they will be a few weeks apart will they have problems when it comes time to move them all to the coop? Will the Araucanas cause problems for the 2 weeks younger buffs? Also, at some point can I maintain the Araucanas temp for a few weeks instead of decreasing it so that I can put them in the same brooder? Thanks fo any help?
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    Hi, and welcome! i don't have any specific answers for your questions, but I'll bump this up for you to see if yu can get some responses.
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    Hi Elizabeth3 - Welcome to BYC (hey that rhymes).

    I don't think it will be a problem to mix the two groups that are only 2 weeks difference in ages. What you can do is put the babies in their own brooder (I use a cardboard box with a clamp light). Let them stay till they are about 2 weeks old. Then put them and the 4 week olds together. I never keep temps at 95 and downward. I just use a 75 watt bulb in a clamp light and watch the chicks. If they are moving far away, and especially if panting, they are too hot - move light higher. If they are huddling under it - they are too cold - move light lower. I use this method regardless of age. But, in all honesty, I rarely use a heat light past 4 weeks of age but then again, I live where it's warm and they can go outside at two weeks old or sometimes 2 days old. They feather out much faster if you use less heat and let them go outside ASAP.
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