will they only use the highest roost?

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  1. mickey9

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    Jan 30, 2007
    I have 8 chickens in a chicken tractor. They would have plenty of room at night if they would use the 4 rungs of the ladder type roost in their house area. However, they all jam on the top rung and one even sleeps in the elevated nest box (ugh!). I've been having some feather picking overnight, which I'm sure is a result of all the jostling/competing over the top space. The bottom rung is 18 inches off the house floor so it should be high enough to be used as a roost. Will they eventually spread out (I've had them for one week)or do I have to thin the flock so they can all fit up top?
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    May 2, 2007
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    I have 15 chickens who all roost on the top rung in the main coop. even when I had 42 they all would try to get the top roost even knocking each other off by flying and landing on each other. I guess the view is better from up there! lol
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    Jan 30, 2007
    Mine do the same thing and I have two separate roosting areas...they fought for the higher the better!...they never use the low roosting poles unless it happens to be a youngster in for the first month or so...Seems the older girls and roo get first dibs!....I'd give them much more then a week to get their roosting places down...they will learn who goes where..
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    Mine all crowd for the highest roost (perch), so I put a "walkway perch" the width of the coop that is level with the top rung of the roost. Now they fight to see who gets a window seat...lol

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  5. mickey9

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    Jan 30, 2007
    Thanks for the replies. Guess I will just give them time to settle in!

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