Will they or wont they use the new coop ?

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    Hi All,

    Just spent 3 hard working weeks building a new coop for the girls. Its been up and in use for three days but I dont think they quite know what to do with it. There is no evidence of them sleeping on the perches, look like they are still using the old coop but they are using the nesting boxes. We have two boxes and they have always just used one, the same one. Today when I wnet home at lunch time all the eggs for the 1st time ever were in the other box. Is this just a case of them getting used to their new environment?[​IMG]
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    Totally cute coop! Love the flower box!
    When assimilating hens to a new coop I carry them into the new coop at night after they are roosting, and keep them inside for a few days until they figure out where their new digs are.
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    My Coop
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    do you plan on getting rid of the old coop?or are you keeping both? if you want to get rid of the old 1 and have them use the new 1 then just take it away, but if you plan on having them split up and use both don't count on it. as far as they are concerned they know the old coop is safe and where they're used to sleeping.

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